What is the goal of this study?

This study, called the My Experiences study (Leveraging Wearable Devices to Better Understand Mental Health) aims to see if digital tools like smartphones and wearable devices are helpful in finding out new information about mental health experiences within individuals.

The My Experiences study hopes to learn from you as co-partners on how to better conduct digital mental health research and tailor digital tools so that they are useful and empowering for the end-user that is you and others like you. The researchers will use the data collected in identifying and predicting symptoms associated with mental health experiences and conditions.

Your contributions to this study may have a valuable impact on society through a better understanding of mental health symptoms and conditions. You will also be enabled to track some of your symptoms that we are collecting. This may be of benefit to you.

What makes me eligible to participate?

Please note that we are no longer enrolling new participants in the My Experiences study as of February 2024. Thank you so much to those who shared information about the My Experiences study with interested friends, classmates, and colleagues.

How long does the study last?

Your participation is completely voluntary and you are invited to participate in this study for up to 9 months.

Are any in-person study visits required?

No in-person visits are required for My Experiences study participation. It is conducted entirely remotely so that you can make a difference right where you are. You may have phone check-ins with your study coordinator on an every two weeks to monthly basis for the duration of your participation in the study.

If I am under 18 can I participate?

The study is only open to those who are 18 years or older.

If I am pregnant or trying to become pregnant can I participate?

Individuals who are currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant are not eligible to participate in the study.

Do I have to share my health information to participate?

Yes, you must share your health information to participate in the study. Please discuss with your coordinator on how to share your health information. The information you share has the potential to make a significant impact on building knowledge in mental health.

I cannot speak English - does this make me ineligible for My Experiences?

Unfortunately, you must be able to speak, write and read English, given the app will be available only in English.

Am I able to use either an iPhone or an Android?

You must use an iPhone to participate in the study, and you must have an iPhone 5s or newer (iOS 12 or higher), and you must be willing to upgrade to the most recent operating system for your phone. The study’s engagement coordinators can help you upgrade if you need assistance.

I’m having trouble consenting/granting access to Motion Data in the My Experiences App.

On the iPhone go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Motion & Fitness and check to see if this is toggled on. If it is off, please switch it on > Close out the My Experiences app > Reopen the My Experiences app > Settings > Data Access and try again.

What is the Oura ring and what does it measure?

The Oura ring is a smart ring that uses sensors to help track your health and measure specific vital signs. Specifically, the Oura ring measures:

Heart Rate: Your heart rate throughout the day

Resting Heart Rate: Your heart rate when you are at rest

Heart rate variability: The measure of variations in time (milliseconds) between your heartbeats

Respiration rate: How frequently you breathe while you sleep

Breathing variance: Any variation or changes in your respiration rate

Sleep stages: (Light, deep, REM) and quality of your sleep

Your body temperature: including any fluctuations in temperature

Your activity levels: The duration, intensity and timing of when you are active (for example, taking a long walk)

Your inactivity levels: The duration, intensity, and timing of when you are sedentary (for example, sitting on the couch)

Learn more about the Oura ring on their website: https://ouraring.com/

How do I charge my Oura Ring?

Place the ring on the charger provided to you. The charger size should match the size of the ring you are wearing. Let the device charge fully for optimal battery performance. This can take between 20-80 minutes. We suggest charging your device when you do your morning routine or when taking a shower. We have found that it is ideal to charge your ring daily (even though the battery life will last longer than this). This helps in getting into a routine and not forgetting to put the ring back on your finger after charging during intermittent times.

How do I sync my Oura Ring?

Your ring will sync with the Oura app through Bluetooth connection. You will set up this connection when you set-up the device. If the Oura app is unable to find your ring while the ring is on your finger, connect the ring to the charger, keep your phone close to the ring, and try again. For more help, please refer to your Participant Guide.

How do I sync my Oura Ring data?

Open the Oura app to sync the data from your ring. You will see your data in the Oura app, once the sync is completed. There is a delay of up to 24 hours for the data to show in the study app.

What do I do if the Oura Ring becomes uncomfortable?

Stop wearing the Oura ring if it becomes uncomfortable or if you have a skin reaction (like a rash) and contact a member of the study team.

What do I do if the Oura ring breaks or stops working?

Contact a member of the study team.

I want to use my own device. What type of devices can I use in the study?

You can use your own wearable device that collects data, such as a Garmin, Fitbit or Apple smartwatch or an Oura smart ring.

What type of information is collected with Sensorkit?

Sensorkit is an Apple owned framework that allows researchers to request access to users' passive iPhone features. Passive data collected from this framework are not hosted or used by Apple. The following data streams will be collected from SensorKit:

Accelerometer data: Time stamp and measure of acceleration

Pedometer data: The total duration of steps taken, number of steps and distance traveled, average pace, and number of floors ascended and descended

Keyboard metrics: The number of typed words, altered words, taps, drags, deletes, emojis, corrections, and pauses on the keyboard

Device usage: The duration of use, number of screen wakes and unlocks, usage time of apps, frequency of notifications, and the amount of time spent on a website

Phone usage: The duration and number of calls made and received, and number of contacts

Messaging usage: The duration of use, number of received and sent messages, and number of contacts

Sensorkit does not collect the context of messages or phone calls or personal information about your contacts, nor does it collect information regarding your web browsing history.

How will I know when I have a new survey to complete?

A list of daily Activities to Complete will be available in the Dashboard along with a list of Upcoming Activities. If daily notification reminder preferences have been set, you will receive reminders at your preferred time. Otherwise, reminders will be sent out daily at 9:30am for cognitive tasks (Emotional Bias Test and Psychomotor Vigilance Test) and 9pm for all other surveys.

How do I set my daily notification reminder?

In the app, go to the Settings page. Select Notifications time, then select your preferences. Press Save

What do I do if I don’t want to answer a certain survey question?

Skip the question. You do not have to answer any questions you don’t want to answer.

What do I do if I don’t want to participate in the study anymore?

Contact a member of the research team as soon as possible at myexperiences@4youandme.org.

I have a friend who is interested in the My Experiences study - can they participate too?

Please note that we are no longer enrolling new participants in the My Experiences study as of February 2024. Thank you so much to those who shared information about the My Experiences study with interested friends, classmates, and colleagues.