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We empower individuals interested in sharing their own health-related data and insights for the benefit of all.

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Who Are We?

4YouandMe was formed in 2017 to help lower the burden of chronic diseases, especially for those who have the highest need and lowest access to quality care. We are a non-profit company comprised of an international coalition of partners including researchers, clinicians, software engineers and mathematicians.

What Do We Do?

We are actively developing research cohorts around the world to understand the feasibility of connected digital tools including mobile phone apps and wearable devices to detect and track stress and individual symptom trajectories of disease. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning...

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Prevention is currently and has been a buzz word, yet our approaches to medicine are still stuck in an acute care clinical setting....
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Why Does It Matter?

Symptom trajectories have been historically characterized by sporadic and mostly visible data captured during clinical visits. This approach, which dominates our current healthcare models relies on patients subjective reporting of symptoms, and typically waiting until individuals are sick enough to make an appointment to see a doctor or worse, having to go to the hospital.