COVID-19 SafetyNet


The Community/digital COVID-19 safetynet study is planned as a ‘learning by doing’ feasibility study that involves the development of new approaches to engage, build trust and protect high-risk marginalized individuals, households, and communities through a co-designed community/digital COVID-19 safety net. This “SafetyNet” involves testing new ways for diverse groups to work together (community health and digital engagement experts and participants), new technologies and participant led involvement in real time evolving of study protocols with an aim to produce agency driven solutions for early intervention in COVID- 19. It is anticipated that this feasibility study may set the roadmap for larger studies centered on accelerating early diagnostics in COVID-19, particularly for disadvantaged communities and is intended to learn how to engage marginalized groups in the use of digital technologies.

Description of the study:

This cohort study will target 500 high-risk households from disadvantaged groups and the general population with high-exposure to SARS CoV-2 where a household member has been recently infected. We have partnered with community engagement experts and organizations such as the CHC1 and large state level screening programs such as Sema4 to recruit high-risk households. We will use wearable technologies including a smartring and a smartwatch (only among those who become infected) alongside a study app that is currently available in the app store (Our Covid-19 Safetynet) equipped with applications to track and transmit semi-continuous passive and active biometric measurements to measure key symptoms and complications of COVID-19 for up to 6 weeks. We will serially test for SARS-CoV-2 in select household members every 3 days up until infection.

A core component of this study is the building of strong partnerships with disadvantaged communities in order to test digital approaches for COVID-19 symptom tracking and tackle issues associated with the digital divide. Participants will be supported by community research workers with culturally sensitive expertise to support study participation and use of digital tools, for health-related questions, concerns and guidance relating to COVID-19.

Size and Timing:
500 participants. Launch date depending on funding.

We are currently in search of funding.

Clinical Partner(s):
Community Health Center Inc. (CHC1)

Coalition and Collaboration Partners:
HealthMode, Evidation Health, Vector Institute, Sema4, Cambridge Cognition, and Community Health Center Inc. (CHC1).